Hello, I'm Justin.

Professsonal Web Developer

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Low Code

Full Stack

Database Management

Enterprise Experience

Low Code Developer

Low Code platforms such as Appian, Micorosft Power Apps, and Salesforce allow you to create applications with little to no actual coding. I have professional experience using Appian.

  • 1+ Years Enterprise Application Experience
  • Certified Appian Senior Developer
  • Certified Appian Associate Developer
  • Certified Appian Analyst

Personal Experience

Full Stack Developer

For personal projects I use Angular with the Angular Material components library as my front-end framework, and ASP.NET API's as my backend solution.

  • Responsive Design
  • Angular Forms
  • GET and POST Calls to .Net API that connects to a SQL Server Database

  • Model Driven Design using C# Classes
  • Views Writen in Razor

Data Experience

SQL Server

With ten years of experience running my own business, data visualization is my most honed skill regarding web development. I build each project from the model out.

  • Tables Created with Relationships That Allow for Scale
  • Data Types
  • Look Up Tables

  • Procedures That Return Complex Values Based on Input
  • Queries that filter, account for null values, and use all variations of JOINS
  • Experience using SQL and Transact-SQL


Unversity: East Coast Polytechnic Institute
Graduated: August 2021
Degree: B.S. Computer & Information Science, Software Development Major
Recognition: SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Unversity: University of North Carolina Charlotte
Graduated: August 2009
Degree: B.A. English
Minor: American Studies